Which Massage Gun Is Best For Me? Choosing The Right Massage Gun Based On Features

Are you tired of dealing with muscle soreness and tension, especially after long hours sitting at your desk or intense training sessions? Massage guns have become essential tools for athletes, deskbound professionals, and casual users. They offer deep muscle treatment and relief from soreness, but with so many options available, how do you choose the right one? This guide will walk you through the key features: speed (RPM), stall force, amplitude, and more.

Vibration vs Percussive Therapy 

There are two types of therapy which massage guns typically use: vibration and percussion therapy. Percussion therapy, which massage guns are known for, can help relieve aches, sore muscles, knots, tension and other pains. Percussion therapy can penetrate up to 60% deeper into the muscles than vibration therapy, providing longer and lasting effects. Overall, percussion massage guns typically have a higher amplitude and a lower frequency than vibration massage guns.

Vibration therapy uses a more gentle vibration or oscillating motion to help relax the muscles. Vibration massage guns typically have a lower amplitude and a higher frequency than percussion massage guns, which means they don’t penetrate as deeply into the muscles. 

If you are looking for deep, targeted muscle relief, a percussion massager may be the best choice for you. If you are looking for a more gentle massage experience or overall relaxation benefits, a vibration massager may be a better fit. However, you can opt for a percussion gun and use it on its lowest setting to get a gentle massage experience as well. 


Amplitude, or stroke length, measures the distance the massage gun head travels per pulse, affecting the depth of muscle tissue penetration. Most massage guns will have an amplitude of around 8mm to 16mm. The higher the amplitude, the deeper the massage. 

  • Short Amplitude (6-10 mm): Suitable for surface-level massage and relaxation.
  • Medium Amplitude (10-14 mm): Effective for general muscle relief and moderate depth.
  • Long Amplitude (14-16 mm): Best for deep tissue penetration and intense massage.

For those needing significant muscle recovery, a massage gun with an amplitude of 10mm and above is preferable. If you are using a massage gun with a higher amplitude, you can get a comparable massage even at a lower speed. For instance, a high-amplitude massage gun working at 2500 RPM may have the same intensity as a low-amplitude massage gun working at 3200 RPM. 

If you are an athlete with high pain tolerance and need an intense massage to relieve deep muscle pains and soreness, a higher-amplitude massage gun may be more suitable for you. On the other hand, regular users will find lower-amplitude massage guns to be just as useful. If you have a low pain tolerance, a high-amplitude massage gun might be too painful for you. The Myodive Sonic™ massage gun has an optimal 12mm amplitude, allowing users to experience both general muscle relaxation and deep muscle penetration, with various speed settings.


Speed, measured in revolutions per minute (RPM), determines how fast the massage gun’s head oscillates. Simply put, it measures the number of times the massager’s head hits your skin. As the speed increases, intensity increases as well. Different speeds are suitable for different needs:

  • Low Speed (1200-1800 RPM): Ideal for sensitive areas or relaxation.
  • Medium Speed (1800-2400 RPM): Great for general use and moderate muscle soreness.
  • High Speed (2400-3200 RPM): Best for intense muscle relief and athletic recovery.

Overall, lower speed settings are better for comforting sore muscles while higher speeds help relieve deeper-set pains and tight knots. When choosing a massage gun, it is important to look for models with adjustable speed settings to customise your massage experience. Some massage guns may not offer low speeds (below 1500RPM) which is not ideal since high-speed settings (above 2500RPM) will be harmful to your aching muscles. The Myodive Sonic™ offers 5 customisable speeds from 1300RPM to 2500RPM, ensuring that you enjoy your ache reliefs and also deeper set pains and tight knots. 

Stall Force

Stall force refers to the amount of pressure you can apply before the motor stops. A higher stall force means the massage gun can handle more pressure without stalling, providing a more effective deep-tissue massage. Normally, less expensive guns will have a stall force of 20- to 30-pounds, while top-tier guns can reach as high as 60 pounds. The Myodive Sonic™ has a stall force of 40 pounds, which is the perfect in-between.

Additional Considerations

  • Battery Life: Ensure a long lasting battery that can last through your typical massage session, and especially if you are planning on bringing it around.
  • Noise Level: Quieter models are preferable for a relaxing experience.
  • Attachments: More attachments provide versatility for different muscle groups.
  • Portability: Consider weight and design if you need to carry it around.
  • Pricing: Consider whether its within your budget.

Knowing the purpose of why you need a massage gun will help you on your decision. Do you intend on using it every day or only want occasional massages? If you are an athlete that undergoes high intensity training and frequently suffers from DOMs, you should look for a high-end massage gun with additional attachments and high amplitude. On the other hand, if you regularly workout and or want to use a massage gun to relieve minor pains after coming home from work, you should look for a more affordable model. Here is a quick guide for you: 

  • For Sensitive or Relaxation Use: Opt for lower RPM and stall force.
  • For General Use: Look for medium RPM and stall force with adjustable settings.
  • For Deep Tissue and Athletic Recovery: Choose high RPM, high stall force, and long amplitude.

When choosing a massage gun, it’s important to keep in mind that the best choice for you might not be the best choice for someone else. Consider factors such as the specific features of the massage gun, your individual needs, your budget, and any medical conditions you may have before making a purchase. Selecting the right massage gun involves understanding these key features and ensuring that they align with your needs. With customisable features to suit your exact needs and the ability to provide targeted relief, a massage gun offers a convenient and effective way to treat your body to the care it deserves. Start living your best life today!

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