How To Use Your Massage Gun To Ease Back Pain

Are you struggling with back pain that just won’t seem to go away? Trying everything from stretching to heat therapy, and nothing seems to work? If this sounds familiar, it’s time to consider a massage gun. These devices have become incredibly popular in the fitness and recovery world, providing a simple and effective way to reduce muscle soreness and ease back pain. Whether you’re an athlete, office worker, or have been dealing with chronic back pain for a long time, a massage gun can help you get the relief you need to feel your best.

Back pain is usually caused by muscle tightness, tension, or spasms. While massage guns can be highly effective in treating acute muscle pain and tension, they may not be the best option for those with chronic pain. However, massage guns can provide a level of muscle stimulation that you simply can’t get with stretching, foam rolling, or ice and heat therapy. This on-the-spot relief can make it easier and more comfortable for you to exercise, which is one of the best ways to treat low back pain in the long run.

Learn more about how massage guns can help relieve lower back pain and muscle soreness, and how to use them properly. So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to back pain and hello to a new, pain-free you, keep reading!

Massage Gun Benefits for Back Pain

Massage guns can provide a range of benefits to ease low back pain, including:

  • Helps ease muscle tension and reduces back pain: massage guns are able to work out tight spots in back muscles and relieve muscle tension that may be contributing to tightness or pain.
  • Better circulation: the pressure and vibrations of a massage gun can bring blood flow and healing nutrients to the back. This boost in blood flow can help reduce swelling that may accompany your sore muscles.
  • Reduces herniated disc or sciatica symptoms: if you have a herniated disc or low back pain that radiates down one or both of your legs, a massage gun may help with the pain, numbness, and tingling that many people experience.
  • More muscle stimulation: warming up your back muscles with a massage gun before physical activity improves oxygen flow, allowing for easier contraction and relaxation of muscle groups.
  • Increased range of motion: massage guns can alleviate tension in stiff back muscles, allowing for a greater range of motion during movement..
    Increase muscle strength: A review of 13 studies in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy found that using a massage gun can lead to improvements in muscle strength

How to Use a Massage Gun for Lower Back Pain Relief

Massage guns, like our Myodive Sonic™ Massage Gun, can apply short bursts of pressure into your back muscles, boosting blood flow to the area, reducing tightness, promoting healing and, most importantly, relieving pain. Comes with 5 different attachments, you can switch out the attachments to whatever feels more comfortable and effective for you.

  • Choose the right attachment. Try out different attachments to see which ones provide you with the most comfortable relief.
  • Start with the lowest setting before increasing to your desired speed. For your back, it’s better if the speed is not too high. However, do note that the level of pressure and the type of massage head you use can vary from day to day, depending on how you feel. On days you are experiencing more soreness in your back, it will be better to use a lower setting and a more gentle head such as the ball or air cushion head.
  • In a sweeping motion, gently float the device up and down the lower back muscles. Repeat back and forth for two minutes on each side. using a massage gun for no more than 10 to 20 seconds in one specific area of your low back and up to about two minutes to work across your entire back.
  • Gradually apply more pressure or increase the speed if needed. Continue alternating from side to side until you feel the tension and pain ease.

Additional Tips

  • Massage your hips and glutes, too. Weak glute and hip muscles can contribute to low back pain. Try to massage those areas and not just the area of pain. You may also find it helpful to try different positions while using the massage gun, like sitting or lying on your side.
  • By staying active, you can help to relieve your back pain and limit soreness and stiffness too. Massage guns are a great addition to exercise and movement but should not replace it. It is more of a tool for you to use after any activity to combat any sort of muscle soreness or tightness that you might be feeling.
  • Avoid bones. When working on your lower back, avoid rolling the massage gun over any bones, particularly your spine and hip bones.

Back pain doesn’t stand a chance against the Myodive Sonic™ Massage Gun. We have meticulously engineered it with customisable force and weight settings to perfectly match your needs. Additionally, our patented SeamlessTrack™ German Brushless Motor Technology delivers steady, smooth operation regardless of resistance. Unlike others that might struggle under pressure, the Myodive Sonic™ delivers consistent power for a truly effective massage experience.

When Not to Use a Massage Gun

If you have an acute back injury, like a sprain or strain, avoid using a massage gun on that area until it’s healed. Do not use it on torn muscles, ligaments or tendons, new injuries, bony or bruised areas, or wounds. If the pain is severe, or you have conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or osteoporosis, consult your doctor before using.

Massage guns are handy to have at home, especially if you experience occasional back pain or muscle soreness. Anyone who suffers from muscular troubles, from people who sit at their desks all day to professional athletes who experience back pain, can benefit from the percussive massage provided by a massage gun. So, start using a massage gun today to relieve your pain and feel your best!

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