About Myodive

Myodive is a performance technology start-up founded with the vision to provide everyone with world-class massage equipment at a highly affordable price. The secret to our success is by combining the expertise of two highly distinct fields – engineering and sports science. Our team is made up of people with a strong engineering background as well as people with a huge amount of knowledge and expertise in sports science, specializing in massage therapy, chiropractic and physiotherapy.

Providing a Better Quality Massage Experience

Being a performance technology start-up, Myodive started by reconstructing the massage gun from the ground up. We realized that many massage guns on the market today suffer from quality issues. An in-depth study of about 20 massage guns available in Singapore uncovered many problems. 

– Lack of transparency in the specifications of massage guns (massage guns frequently did not want to display their stall force, RPM, or the amplitude of percussion)

– Poorly engineered massage guns (most of the massage guns were badly put together with various Chinese parts, without considering the engineering and performance aspects, resulting in guns that were shaky, weak and noisy.)

– Poor quality massage guns (most of the massage guns were of lower quality, yet were priced rather highly for the performance they gave. This extended to even the more well known brand names. Many of the massage guns had batteries that lasted only a short while before failing terribly. Many of the massage gun also had substandard motors and connecting parts, giving problems just after a few rounds of use)

– Overpriced Massage guns: Some of the bigger brands attempt to mark up their products by a large margin, in order to leverage on their branding. This is a good move from a business point of view but from a consumer point of view, buying from these brands is not always the best option.

Genuinely Great Engineering, Affordable Prices

Myodive was started to be the brand that provides a genuinely great product at previously unheard of prices. By working directly with factories and the provider of the highest quality parts in many countries like Japan, Taiwan and Germany, we’re able to put together the Myodive Sonic™ Massage Gun, which we’re proud to say is probably one of the best value-for-money massage guns you can find out there. We hope you enjoy our creation – the result of thousands of hours of engineering and innovation.