Which Massage Gun Head Should I Use?

A Guide To Massage Gun Heads

Massage guns have become a popular alternative for people seeking targeted relief and relaxation in the comfort of their own homes. Not only is it portable, it is also more affordable compared to professional massages. Using percussive therapy to provide deep tissue massage and recovery, massage guns are useful for both athletes and deskbound professionals. With a variety of attachments available, using the right one can be confusing. Let’s explore the different attachments and when to use them. 


  • Round Massage Head: Sensitive muscle groups, all areas

  • Bullet Massage Head: Tight muscles; specific knots and tight spots

  • Fork Massage Head: Larger muscle groups, for specific muscle areas

  • Flat Attachment Head: Medium to large muscles; sore muscles

  • Padded Round/ Air Cushion Head: Sensitive and bony areas

Round/Ball Massage Head 

Best for: Sensitive muscle groups, all areas

The ball attachment is a standard and versatile head that can be used on any muscle group. Its round shape allows you to control the intensity of the percussion by tilting or rotating the point of contact. This makes it suitable for more tender areas such as your forearm, foot, and shoulder. It is also ideal for larger muscle groups like the back, glutes, and hamstrings, as well as smaller muscle groups such as the calves and feet. Overall, it provides general muscle relaxation. After using the large round head on a large area, you can address specific sore or tight spots with the smaller heads.

The Bullet Head

Best for: Tight muscles; specific knots and tight spots

The bullet attachment gets its name from its shape, which resembles a bullet. It has a sharper tip compared to other attachments and is particularly suitable for deep-tissue massages since it can deliver the strongest force. The bullet head makes it easy to pinpoint tough areas, but it’s not recommended for sensitive areas such as your forearm or shoulder. Instead, it is perfect for larger tight muscles like your legs and back muscles. However, avoiding using it on your vertebrae is important as it can be potentially dangerous. Overall, the bullet attachment is great for any area needing deep tissue massage.

The Fork Head 

Best for: Larger muscle groups, for specific muscle areas 

The fork attachment, similar to the bullet attachment, is a powerful tool for targeted deep tissue massage. Similar to the bullet attachment in function and effectiveness, but with the added benefit of broader coverage. By delivering precise force through its two prongs, it can cover the same surface area as a bullet attachment while providing twice the pinpointed force.

The fork attachment is ideal for larger muscle groups like the quads, hamstrings and glutes and also for relaxing muscles in neck and spine areas. However, given the sensitivity of the spine, caution should be exercised when massaging this area with the fork attachment. It is important to move the massage head slowly and avoid direct contact with the spine. With proper use, the fork attachment can be an effective tool in promoting muscle relaxation and recovery.

Flat Attachment Head

Best for: Medium to large muscles; sore muscles

The flat attachment of the massage gun has a knob-like shape and a large top area that distributes the force evenly, making it less intense than the bullet head. This modified force is really helpful on bulky muscle groups like the calf or biceps and you don’t have to worry about pounding on sore or sensitive muscles. Overall, It’s effective for denser muscle groups and great for medium to large muscle groups, like the calf or biceps. The dense, deep massage is ideal for full-body massage and relaxation, and the even pressure helps reduce stiffness and post-exercise pain throughout the body. 

Padded Round/Air Cushion Head

Best for: Sensitive and bony areas

When it comes to relaxing sensitive muscle groups or areas with prominent bones, the round soft cushion attachment is the safest and most effective option. This attachment is the softest and most flexible of all the attachments, making it ideal for use close to bones or delicate areas such as the spine, shoulders, wrists, upper neck or any other bony areas. The cushioned surface of this attachment provides a layer of protection, reducing the force around bony protrusions. This means it can be particularly useful for non-flat areas of the body, as it can adapt better to the target surface compared to other attachment heads. Overall, this attachment is mostly used for tender or sensitive areas but is great for use all over the body. 

Choosing the right massage gun attachment is important to get the massage relief you want. Each attachment serves a unique purpose, from the versatile round head to the precise bullet head and broader coverage of the fork attachment head. Understanding these differences will enhance your massage experience, promoting relaxation and recovery more efficiently. Have fun! 


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